Account-Based Experience (ABX) Consultant for B2B MarTech SaaS

GTM Strategies That turn Target Accounts into leads revenue.

Forget about generating leads. I help you transition from ABM to ABX to better engage with target accounts, increase funnel velocity, and hit your growth goals.

Christophe Schranz

COMPANIES i worked with:

Cabeltec SA

Tailored experiences to meet your objectives with fewer resources. Faster.

Wether you're just planning your first Account-Based Experience initiative or trying to scale a winning program, I'll help you make the most out of your GTM strategy. To win bigger deals, faster.

Organizational commitment

Everything starts with the alignment of the whole organization, and you know how complicated that can be.

I'll help you get everyone on the same page and create true alignment between all team members to unleash your full GTM potential.

Accounts Listing & Brand Building

ABX starts with the right people, inside the right account.

Identify your most profitable target accounts, and build meaningful relationships with key decision makers – even before they're in the market.

Pipeline Creation & Acceleration

Forget about generating leads that never convert.

Take advantage of marketing & sales intelligence platforms to convert more opportunities and accounts with the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Accounts Retention & Expansion

The first transaction is just the tip of the iceberg.

Expand your customers' lifetime value and increase your profits with tailored experience that deepen your customer relationships.

Here's how we'll turn target accounts into recurring revenue

1. Diagnosis

Crafting a successful ABX strategy requires a thorough understanding of the current situation, your target, and your competition.

In this manner, I'll help you fully understand the context in which you operate, the challenges that you are facing, and the key levers at your disposal to spot hidden game-changing opportunities.

  • Business Outcomes & Marketing Performance Analysis
  • Positioning & Messaging assessment
  • Customers Porftolio Audit
  • Competitive Evaluation
  • Full-Funnel Diagnosis

2. Strategy

Your company is unique. So should your strategy be.

With the intels gathered in phase #1, we will craft tailored Account-Based Experiences with granular action plans to build competitive advantages.

This way, your marketing and sales teams will collaborate towards common goals, fostering enhanced alignment and empowering your Go-To-Market efforts.

  • TAM, ICP & Buying Comittee Identification
  • Accounts Targeting & Priorization
  • Objectives/ KPIs/ OKRs Definition
  • Tailored ABM/ABX programs & initiatives
  • Strategic Actions Plans

3. Launch, Scale & Optimize

Alone, the best strategy in the world is worthless. Unless executed properly.

I'll help you orchestrate your ABX efforts to launch new initiatives, and scale & optimize winning programs at high-speed velocity.

So that you win bigger deals faster, and get the best return on your ABX investments.

  • Overall Strategy Orchestration
  • Marketing & Sales Coordination
  • Multi-Channel Campaigns Orchestration
  • Performances Measurement & Optimization
  • Customer Experience Enhancement

Nice to meet you!

I'm Christophe Schranz

A Media Engineer turned into ABX aficionado

As a Digital Marketing Consultant since 2017, I have helped over 50 clients build brand awareness, generate new business opportunities, and increase their revenue.

I'm also a lecturer at HEIG-VD, one of the most prestigious Swiss Engineering & Business University, where I teach everything I learned about marketing.

As an engineer, I've always loved technology, and I've developed a real passion for B2B marketing and complex sales cycles. I firmly believe that the customer experience should take precedence over excessive lead generation.

Hence my attraction for Account-Based Experience: the GTM philosophy focused on how customers buy – not how companies want to sell.

DemandBase Partner Program

I'am also an official DemandBase Service Provider Partner and have been featured on the HubSpot Blog.

Christophe provides realistic and relevant advice. The effort he has put into understanding our business, our challenges and our customers is impressive.

Also, Christophe doesn't just do what he's told: he analyzes, challenges and proposes innovative solutions.

I recommend Christophe to anyone who wants to develop their business by challenging the status quo.

Sébastien Pahud 


Let's delight  your target customers and turn their "WOWs" into recurring revenue with ABX

To guarantee service excellence, I only work with companies that will most benefit from our collaboration (i.e., B2B MarTech SaaS with over $10M in revenue).

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